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"Do not forget the initial heart, always have to" - adhere to the photovoltaic road


Developed a linking for photovoltaic power generation from solar street lamp

In the early years of the 21st century, China experienced rapid social change and brought forth the new through the old. Scientific and technological progress promotes the prosperity and development of many emerging industries, including solar street lamp industry. In 2001, Li Xiaowei, who was only 20 years, accidentally entered a solar street lamp manufacturing company to engage in product sales after graduating from university. However, a casual choice made this young man become attached to "solar energy".

A solar panel and battery are added to the traditional street lamp. The solar panel converts sunlight into electricity and stores it in the battery during the day. At night, the current is supplied to the lamp to illuminate the road overnight. Solar street lamps were first installed in the central and western regions, where electricity was scarce, making the area become a frequent visiting place for the young man who grew up on the coast of the East China Sea. During his long contact with the local people, he saw that the lack of electricity had brought serious inconvenience to the local people's lives. He deeply felt the desire of power for light in the poor areas of the central and western regions. At this time, he began to germinate the idea of using solar power to bring more convenient life to people in these areas. At the same time, he also saw the broad application market of photovoltaic power generation in the future. At this time, China's photovoltaic power stations in the western region have a small number of grid-connected power stations. In order to learn more about solar power generation, the young man often visited centralized photovoltaic power stations in Gansu and other places to learn relevant professional knowledge and operation experience, which laid a solid foundation for his future path of solar photovoltaic power generation. After gaining a certain amount of experience, the young man's restless heart and initial ideal urged him to embark on the road of entrepreneurship. In 2005, Li Xiaowei set up Ningbo Qixin Solar Electrical Appliance Co., Ltd. in Gaoqiao, Ningbo, with three years work savings and 100,000 yuan borrowed by his family. He began to engage in research and production of solar modules, which is the predecessor of QXPV Solar.

"Do not forget the beginner's mind, and you will reach the bright end." This is the belief and perseverance of more than ten years.

"Photovoltaic ten-year, ten-year ups and downs". The continuous progress of product technology and the adjustment in installation capacity of photovoltaic power station and policy make the market environment of solar power applications fluctuate. In the process of development of photovoltaic in China, more and more people have become the last heroes in the changing market although some of the richest people have born. It has become the goal of Li Xiaowei in his heart to “really guarantee the safe, stable and reliable operation of photovoltaic power generation for power station users for up to 25 years”, which is also reflected in the concept of enterprise management in the past 14 years. “Do not forget the beginner's mind, and you will reach the bright end.” It is because of more than ten years of belief and perseverance that allow QXPV to grow steadily in a volatile market environment.

In 2008, China's photovoltaic industry, which has been making great strides in the international market, encountered the “anti-dumping and anti-bribery” boycott of the export of photovoltaic modules and other products from Europe and America for the first time, due to the influence of the financial crisis and the debt crisis in Europe. At that time, QXPV was also facing the first major test. The pressure of bank lending, falling exchange rate and sharp decline in business volume made the ideal young man feel the taste of collapse for the first time. In May 2009, Li Xiaowei traveled to Europe alone after weighing the pros and cons. With his efforts and good brand market reputation and excellent product quality, he finally won the privilege of EU minimum tax rate export of QXPV photovoltaic module. In the same year, a new company was formed in Germany with an Italian partner, and the company's sales volume doubled or tripled.

In 2016, the company gradually transformed its business and expanded its business field to the downstream. It established a wholly-owned project subsidiary, specializing in the design, installation, operation and maintenance of photovoltaic power stations. At the same time, it invested heavily in the establishment of national large data center for monitoring photovoltaic power stations and the operation and maintenance network of information-sharing power stations in all provinces and cities, so as to achieve the 24-hour after-sales guarantee of the project power stations. In the second year, DAILYSUN, a sub-brand of distributed photovoltaic power station, was launched, and the promotion of distributed photovoltaic power stations began in an all-round way.

No matter in the face of difficulties or opportunities, QXPV always adheres to the core values of "honesty, pragmatism, efficiency and innovation", making it stand firm in the 10-year ups and downs of the photovoltaic industry.

Be righteous and feed back the society with photovoltaic

QXPV has never forgotten the lofty mission of serving the country through industry and rejuvenating the national industry. The survival and development of enterprises must be combined with social interests so as to strive to devote themselves to welfare, public welfare, education, culture and environmental protection. As early as in 2015, our company signed the intention of caring class cooperation with Sizhoutou Town Central Primary School. Every year, we subsidize a certain amount of money to the school to increase student’s extracurricular life and cultivate their interests and hobbies. In September 2017, when he learned that the students of Yangjiagou School in Mizhi County, Yulin City, Shaanxi Province could not obtain good educational resources because of poor teaching conditions, he took the initiative to get in touch with the school and sent photovoltaic power station staff to survey the school, and said that he would donate a 10KW roof distributed photovoltaic power station free of charge. The 25-year cumulative power generation income of 300,000 degrees will be used as school’s special funds for improving the educational environment of students and the teaching quality of schools. The chairman Mr. Li Xiaowei is a pioneer in this field, who has donated a lot of money to the disaster-stricken areas. He has also personally invested 100,000 yuan to buy life insurance for parents of teenagers who drowned to save their drowning neighbors. At the same time, he actively mobilized company resources, set up wholly-owned subsidiaries of photovoltaic poverty alleviation projects in the central and western regions of Henan, Hebei, Shanxi, Shaanxi and Shandong, and actively developed village-level poverty alleviation photovoltaic power station and household photovoltaic power station. By the end of 2018, more than 4000 photovoltaic poverty alleviation power stations and household photovoltaic power stations have been built, with installed capacity of 30MW.

Beginning with a dream, QXPV never forget the original heart in the past ten years. Zhejiang QXPV Solar Technology Co., Ltd. will adhere to the corporate mission of "seeking development for enterprises, creating value for customers, seeking welfare for employees and contributing to society", and continue to sail on the photovoltaic road.